Gerry Gogna was born on 10 September. He is best known for his book “The Ugly Queen and Peter the Great”, which was released in January 2011 By M/s Power Publishers, Kolkata. His second book was published by Author House U.S.A. (AuthorSolutions , U.S.) His work fits in Adventure, Fantasy and Romance genres. Gogna get inspired from Terry Gogna and Philip Pullman, this let him start writing books. He currently lives in Canada and holds degree in Psychology.

Gogna states that the very important and first point for a good book is an “inspiration”, and if that inspiration is significance it, to research on motivating topics, which support the inspiration, and to search for suitable places and characters. He said of ideas that “they come from far and wide and nowhere, from faint and inside. I have so many; I won’t be able to write them down in one life span.” The characters, Gerry Gogna elaborates, “From his life and make them alive”, and wrote them into his book. For aspiring authors, Gogna says “Read as much as you can because if you don’t have time to read, you will don’t have time to be an Author”. Gerry Gogna said, “Where attention goes, their Imagination lives”.